Camp Services

Discover a range of comfortable and affordable accommodation options at our camp. Whether you’re seeking the luxury of a glamping dome, the rustic charm of a wood cottage, or the adventure of tent camping, we have something for everyone.


Glamping Dome: 

Experience the pinnacle of camping comfort in our glamping dome. Ideal for families, it offers accommodation for up to 4+1 guests with an en-suite bathroom. Priced at 90 Euros per day.


Wood Cottage:

Our cozy wood cottages come in two sizes: rooms with 4 beds and rooms with 2+1 beds. At 10 Euros per person per day.


Tent Camping:

For those who love the classic camping experience, we offer tents for one, two, or three persons. The entrance fee to the tent area is 5 Euros per person per day.

Always Included:

  • Access to the camp’s communal kitchen

  • Toilet and shower facilities

  • WiFi

  • Campsite amenities: chairs, tables, hammocks, kids’ play area, game zone, and fireplace.



Additional Rental Services

Enhance your camping experience with our rental services. From tents to sleeping essentials, we’ve got you covered. For group visits, we also offer meal organization.


Here are our rental prices:



  • Single-person tent: 3.5 Euros/day

  • Two-person tent: 5 Euros/day

  • Three-person tent: 7 Euros/day


Sleeping Essentials:

  • Sleeping bag: 4 Euros/day

  • Sleeping pad: 2 Euros/day