Climbing is one of the main activities of our camp. The climbing sector is located 70 meters from the camp. Climbing routes are available for beginners as well as experienced athletes. Equipment can be rented on site. We have a guide service for those who are trying this activity for the first time. Everyone can start climbing, technique and power will come along the process. Most of the climbing routes are in the shade during the day, which is ideal for climbing in summer. In total, the number of routes exceeds 100 and their average height is 10-25 meters, the difficulty of the routes varies in categories 5A- 8B.

Price info

Guide service for 1 person per day – 35 Euro
Guide service for 2 person per day  – 50 Euro
Guide service for 3 person per day  – 70 Euro
Guide service for 4 person per day  – 100 Euro

Climbing gear rent per day – 15 Euro

It includes – rope, carabin, Grigi, harness, climbing shoes and helmet

Important information: During extreme types of tours, the camp administration notifies visitors in advance about required minimum physical skills, dangerous parts, sections of routes, warns about chronic or other diseases visitors shall consider before deciding to take the tour and obtains written consent from them.