About Camp

Sveri Adventure Camp appeared on the Georgian tourism map in 2020. The camp is located in a versatile place of the village Sveri, Chiatura region. The camp was founded by two adventure lovers Guga Dabrundashvili and Levan Gogoladze, inspired to fulfill the project from the idea to its implementation. Since the launch, in a short time, the camp gained great recognition and became one of the most interesting adventure places in Georgia.

About Guga

Guga is the best Georgian climber of a new era. Rock climbing and bolting have been his immense passion for more than 15 years. While studying architecture at the university, he realized that he had little to do with this profession and thus decided to dedicate his life to what he loves most – climbing. He then actively engaged in the professional sport of climbing and achieved significant results at the domestic as well as international level. Later, he gradually integrated his climbing skills into urban alpinism and tourism. He has opened more than 300 climbing lines around Chiatura, Kazbegi, and other touristic areas of Georgia. As a guide, he has been providing service to adventurers from over the world.

About Levan

Levan has been an amateur rock climber for 20 years or so with lots of pauses in between. After completing his study in the US, he has been practicing in the real sector as a senior executive in various areas and finally ended up as a management consultant. His passion as an adventurer and lover of nature is a major momentum behind his decision to transfer his entrepreneurial experience into a successful startup in Adventure tourism and develop the camp model, which meets the needs of adventure travelers – get the service they want, get it at good price and experience real adventure.

Our Mission, Vision and Goal

Our Mission

To promote adventure tourism, stimulate a healthy lifestyle by empowering the local community, and attract both citizens of Georgia and international visitors.

Our Vision

To Provide high-quality camping service and adventure tours, conduct festivals, competitions, workshops, trainings and attract both young and adult adventure seekers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a unique project – Adventure Camp – in the village of Sveri, Chiatura, Imereti region, in a very promising area in terms of adventure tourism. Namely, activities that involve enjoying nature and culture together with physical activity.