Our camp offers various hiking tours. In addition to camping, there are people who are interested in light or intense hiking to explore nature better and engage in physical activity. We offer such visitors many opportunities for hiking to get an unforgettable experience: Dangling stone, Modinakhe Castle, Sveri Castle, Sadzaliskhevi Canyon, Dzudzuana Cave, Sachkefia Waterfall, Shemoreva, Metsadzigdziga, and Mandaeti lakes are wonderful places for such hiking tours. The hike tours can be arranged directly from our camp.

Price info:

Guide service for 2-4 persons per day – 80/130 Euro (Depending on length and difficulty)
Guide service for 5-7 persons per day – 100/200 Euro (Depending on length and difficulty)
Guide service for 8-10 persons per day – 150/300 Euro (Depending on length and difficulty)

Price includes:

Hiking stick, Nalgene

Important information: During extreme types of tours, the camp administration notifies visitors in advance about required minimum physical skills, dangerous parts, sections of routes, warns about chronic or other diseases visitors shall consider before deciding to take the tour and obtains written consent from them.